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With more than thirty years of association with the profession of Chiropractic, I wanted to start a personal blog about the future of the profession. I’ve experienced a good deal from a variety of perspectives: patient, student, resident, teacher, practitioner, legislative affairs, expert witness, school administrator, business success and business failure. I’ve seen a good deal of what has gone well for the profession and what has not. I’ve seen how the profession is viewed from a number of vantage points, including working within the largest health care company in the US.

What I see is a profession with an immensely important contribution to make–and no idea how to effectively make it. I see a profession with some profound internal cultural faults and no consensus mechanism to fix them. I see a profession with the seeds of a legitimate philosophy–and little appetite for the rigor of developing it further through conventional means. I see a profession that can produce astounding changes in the quality of life for many people–but is deeply conflicted as to how to describe it, and the mechanisms for action.

I see a profession with elements of a novel, sustainable and transformative paradigm–but that has not organized itself around the efforts taking place to accomplish this important work.

This blog may never have a large audience, but at this point in my career I wanted to establish a record of observations, comments, questions–and hopefully some contributions from others who can offer some contributions and gifts that can strengthen this amazing, deeply conflicted and perplexing profession–one that has so much promise.

Stephen Bolles, DC
POB 46263
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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