Paying for your enemy’s food

With the notification from John Weeks and his Integrator blog that users of the CPT (Current Procedural Technology) system are underwriting the AMA’s political arm and its vitriol, it struck me again how unhelpful the CPT codes are for chiropractors–and for most non-medical practitioners.

The issue is one of paradigms: the model of medicine (reductionistic, mechanistic, linear process and a tendency to focus on a singular diagnosis without a holistic picture of someone’s lifestyle and behavioral choices) is a poor match for chiropractic–and essentially any other natural healing profession or art.

A few years ago a concerted effort was made to develop an alternative coding system by ABC Coding Solutions. Despite widespread interest (and an enormously complicated system developed to respectfully capture profession-specific coding and taxonomic needs) it didn’t get much traction.

You can read more at John’s blog here. Comments welcome.

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