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Designing Relevance: Chiropractic in the New Healthcare Marketplace

The profession of chiropractic is under profound stresses and pressures. There are a number of doctors who are successful, passionate about their work, magnets for prospective chiropractic students and engaged with their peers as leaders. There are also a number … Continue reading

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Are Your Patients Information Partners? They Should Be.

As debates about personal privacy go on all around us, one of the realities about protected health information (PHI) is that it has enormous significance and value. PHI is used for all sorts of things that most patients don’t think … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal…Okay, Three of Them

As the Minnesota Chiropractic Association takes a deep breath and reenters discussions with Blue Cross about how BCBSM treats chiropractors and chiropractic care, I recently had an extended chat with one of the people who has knowledge of these discussions. … Continue reading

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Crickets Chirping

A recent string of posts on the list serve of the MCA (Minnesota Chiropractic Association) painfully highlighted aspects of how powerless the chiropractic profession is today. For me it also offered insights as to why our profession is drifting, fragmenting … Continue reading

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