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Insurance Companies’ Lessons Can Help Providers

As part of a new blog I started recently to help assemble resources for health care consumers, I came across a report in the Puget Sound Business Journal that offered some ‘lessons learned’ a couple of local insurance plan executives … Continue reading

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Conflicts Over Scope

There has been a recent flurry of communications within the Minnesota Chiropractic Association’s members about some of the implications of this state’s scope of practice law. In particular, a specific weakness in chiropractic regulatory language appears to prohibit a DC from employing a physical … Continue reading

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On a Collision Course: Chiropractic Education & Market Realities

Leadership in chiropractic education is in a challenging position these days, with any number of forces putting pressure on the schools that train doctors of chiropractic. The health care marketplace is in upheaval (trends in value-based compensation models, consolidation of delivery … Continue reading

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A Destructive Blast From The Past

A cheery letter on 12/1/14 by UnitedHealthcare’s Optum business unit noted that the company was ‘pleased to announce’ that its new Charter product group would impose a ‘new’ requirement on its members. In this new product, members will be required to choose a primary … Continue reading

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