About Stephen Bolles

My career in chiropractic has now spanned over thirty years and involved a number of different roles and initiatives. Among them:

• Chiropractic education at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN
• Clinical residency (teaching, practice, research)
• Clinical practice in rural and urban settings
• Director of legislative affairs for the MN Chiropractic Association for a number of years
• Director of Interdisciplinary Services and VP of Institutional Advancement at Northwestern Health Sciences University
• Senior Director, Consumer Health Initiatives, UnitedHealthGroup, Inc.
• Independent business and health and wellness product consultant
• Consultant/Director of Office of Strategic Initiatives, Life University, Marietta GA

For seven years (2007-2014) I worked with Dr. Guy Riekeman, senior leadership and others at Life University as strategic project lead for a number of initiatives, including:

  • The LIFE Octagon, a think-tank project looking at various issues related to LIFE’s core proficiencies. Efforts have focused on developing a new paradigm of health and healing that is more inclusive of both mechanistic and non-mechanistic phenomena.
  • Enterprise-wide project management
  • Performance Evaluations utilizing a model where performance becomes a matter of more fully evincing innate skills and direction (transferable skills), utilizing the Gallup StrengthsFinders tool.
  • The Wellness Portfolio, a project container for community health and wellness program development and an anticipated movement to making the campus a patient-centered health home (PCHH).
  • yHealth.org, a survey site to inform policymaking on future healthcare evolution.
  • Market Research on healthcare consumer preferences, organizational brand equity and prospective student identification.
  • Organizational website development, customer segmentation, research, testing and development.
  • The LIFE Functional Neurology Center, a specialty clinic for chiropractic functional neurology services and access to the UltraThera GyroStim Balance Training System.

My professional passions include a focus on integrative health care and a conviction about the importance and centrality of consumer-side innovation, product and service development as a driver of health care system reform.

My full CV is here: Bolles CV 2014.

My professional consulting website is here.

Peace, blessings, and good health!

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  1. Susan Marty says:

    Hi Steve,
    Just a note to say thanks for sharing your insight with profession. You are an amazing man, I know of none brighter! I especially appreciate how you have recently explained integration, and couldn’t agree more!!! You add extraordinary value, you make me proud to be a chiropractor!

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